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Aobo Porn Filter is an application that offers great assurance by providing safe browsing for your family, preventing access to pornographic websites, games and harmful applications.

With this program, you establish a password and without it, it's completely impossibly to access any blocked content. This way, when Aobo Porn Filter establishes a filter to protect and block certain websites, only the person with the password will be given access to them.

Once you install the program, there's no need to configure anything, since the tool sets the blocks completely automatically, so that users with limited knowledge on the topic won't have any problem using the application.

In addition, it allows you to manually increase the list of prohibited websites, so if you find a page that is not censured, you can easily add it to the list.

With this program, you can block websites, key search words, and save Web history. Plus, it provides undetectable execution and full functionality with all user accounts ... all of these and more features are what make Aobo Porn Filter the perfect protection tool for your computer.

Repository: ppa:michael-astrapi/ppa
Architecture: i386


Support for multiple user accounts.

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